JT65-HF compiled on Linux, Fedora 21 x86_64

JT65-HF is written in Pascal and calls Fortran routines from Joe Taylor K1JT.

Here is my compiled stuff. Just "tar xzf file" in, say, /home/data/apps
Copy jt65-hf/GUI.../jt65hf (compiled) to your /usr/local/bin/.
Copy jt65-hf/lib/jt65hf.so and jt65-hf/XLog.../*so to your library path /usr/local/lib64/. then do ldconfig
Create the config directory: mkdir ~/.config/JT65-HF
When first run from a command line, jt65-hf creates a config file in above, station1.xml
in which is soundout= and soundin=
Ignore the DLL test failure, press OK.
There is no Sound Device chooser in the GUI.
Set soundin= and soundout= from the text output of jt65-hf.

To do the compile I installed the Lazarus IDE, all 3 parts, not docs.
Free Pascal compiler: fpc-3.0.0-1.x86_64.rpm fpc-src-3.0.0-151202.x86_64.rpm
Lazarus IDE: lazarus-1.6RC2-0.x86_64.rpm
You will find the "doit.sh" in both the library and XLog directories, this
compiles these libraries, then put in your library path /usr/local/lib64/. do ldconfig
Then run up Lazarus, Open jt65-hf.lpi the project file, then Run -> Build